Custom millwork and furniture since 1976

About the Artist

A man of versatile artistic and technical talent, Steve Richards’ affinity for the richness and flexibility of fine wood has brought his creations national acclaim.

His designs have received recognition in several magazines including the December 1989 cover of House Beautiful. He has also appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Home Mechanics Magazine, Colonial Homes and Victorian Papers Catalog. In 1991 a special presentation of his work was made to the Governor of Texas. He has been represented in Pennsylvania House, Horchow, Dallas World Trade Center, Atlanta Design Center and Design Center of Houston.

Steve Richards’ expertise in the design of elaborately embellished ornamental woodwork has been developed from his admiration of period architecture and fine furniture. Each special piece is handsomely finished to emulate the warm patina of a treasured antique.

“One’s life pursuit should be to create beauty.” — Steve Richards

PRESS RELEASE: Richards Studio Unveils Cattle Baron Opulence
“A Cowboy at Heart, A Dream Come True”.

Early Influences: Born in Utah, Steve traveled the world with an Air Force family of five. He learned very early in life that he was distantly related to Davy Crockett on his mother’s side of the family. This and the excitement with the 50′s television show about Crockett’s adventures sparked his desire to explore and dream about being a real Wild West Cowboy. He got his first cowboy shirt, hat, boots and chaps in Germany at age 5. But it was rather difficult for an 8-year-old living in Northern Africa in an English compound to maintain his cowboy image. “I begged my mom to let me take horseback riding lessons. They only offered English riding, but I didn’t know the difference. After surviving an uncooperative horse, two chapped thighs from posting and huge welt from a horse bite, I swiftly abandoned that part of cowboy life.

Cattle Baron Opulence is Born: “I decided to design what I couldn’t find. All Western and Lodge furniture I saw was rather primitive and rustic….more like bunkhouse than main house. As a cabinet and furniture maker/designer, I realized that the old world European neoclassical techniques combined with architectural elements that I had already known could be applied to the Western or Lodge look and still be historically accurate. The Colombian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago exhibited the finest in elegant furniture at the same time it presented Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. So the historical antecedent for what I do is really there. My designs are unique in the sense that I try to synthesize the great Scottish and English architectural techniques to the Great American West of the 1800′s.”

History to Build On: “My first exposure to neoclassical architecture was at the Greco-Roman ruins while living in Libya as a curious 8 year old. My furniture finishes stem from my Dad’s hobby of restoring fine antiques. So all my furniture has rich patina of an aged piece. Our trademark, “Creating the Heirlooms of Tomorrow Today”, comes from the drive to build a beautiful object that can be treasured and handed down through generations. I also design and fabricate fireplace mantels of all styles and periods for those non-cowboys. In fact, the Cattle Baron Opulence bed idea grew from a mantel I did for a client. Now I have a full line of Cattle Baron designs. It is a style that separates you from the rest of the herd….a Ralph Lauren type of Western elegance that leaves a lasting impression.”